Happy New Year to You and all of You’ns from BrianHornback.Com

2015 was a mixture of emotion, in 8 days (1/9/2015) my Mother left this earth and entered the gates of Heaven. The Summer of 2015 was frustrating as the legal wrangling that began in late October 2013 was intense and costly. However, the Jud heard my counsels motion for Summary Judgement on August 31, 2015 and on September 11, 2015 Summary Judgement was granted. Many many friends, readers have assisted and contributed to the payment of my attorney fees. To those people Thank You, Thank You. I am indebted to you and will never forget any of you. Unfortunaty, I am still raising money to retire the attorney fee debt, if you have the ability to help, here is the gofundme page. I will be appreciative of every dollar.

2016 is going to be our best and brightest. Thanks for walking this journey with us and relying on us as your Mega Bullhorn of Truth!

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