Knox Co. Property Assessor, Ridenour and the Knox Co. Taxpayers

Jim Weaver, Knox Co. Property Assessor Candidate and Chief Deputy to Phil Ballard had a fundraiser, meet and greet with Steve Ridenour in November 2015. It should be noted that Archie Johnson, the Chairman of the Equalization Board is Weaver’s campaign treasurer.

Let’s look at a Ridenour property located at 2106 Callahan Dr. It is a 4.62 acre tract of land to be leased or build to suit, according to Ridenour’s website.


According to Knox County’s online information, the market value is slightly more than $55,000.00


Interesting or odd is that when Ridenour bought the property according to Knox County’s online information, Ridenour bought it for more than $200,000.00

How does that work? A for profit corporation, paying $200,000.00 plus for property in a high traffic commercial area and Knox Co. places a market value around $55, 000.00?


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