John Whitehead is a Bonafide Republican, What is his Opponents Stories

In the Knox Co Property Assessor race there are three candidates running in the Republican Primary, are all three stellar Bonafide Republicans, if not how have they addressed it?

John Whitehead’s Voting Recrod is three page record and has voted Republican in every primary. He is a Bonafide Republican.

Andrew Graybeal has a two page voting record. He has voted as a Democrat twice in 2008, in February 2008 he ran a Democrat candidate for Property Assessor and he voted in that primary. He also voted Democrat in August of 2008. He and his wife attended a Halls Republican Club meeting after that. Former Knox Co Republican Chair Gerald Turned challenged Graybeal in front of the entire club, Graybeal announced he had left the Democrat party, he renounced the Democrat Party and said he would like to be a Republican if the party would accept him. That night Graybeal got a big round of applause.

Jim Weaver has not answered about his voting record, primarily because he probably hasn’t been asked. His record is two pages and on 2/10/2004 he voted in the Democrat primary, meaning he voted to select George W. Bush’s opponent. Also in the 8/1/2002 State Primary he voted Democrat.

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