I got a phone call from Mr. Van de Vate offering to stage a press conference to declare my campaign cleared! I declined. Remember this article from the April 10, 2010 News Sentinel detailing the April 9, 2010 Election Commission meeting. Election Commissioner Bob Bowman made a BIG production over the first treasurer form that I filed where I had by oversight failed to list my home address. An appointment of treasurer form can be filed at anytime so at 8:30 a.m. on April 12, 2010 (a week ago today) I filed with the Knox County Election Commission an appointment of Treasurer form with the included information.

In researching the appointment of Treasurer form for my opponent for his home address he listed N/A. According to Lawyer Bowman it is a critical piece of information. But you don’t see Bowman waving my opponents forms in the air. So, the double standard of county officials continues.

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