Is Ownby Eligible For Diversion?

UPDATE: Ownby was arrested on May 24. The law did not go into effect until July 1. Ownby is charged with a misdemeanor and not a felony. In addition, the law states violating the law in their official capacity. Ownby was not on Commission business at the time of his arrest.

Today’s bird cage liner of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill reported that Attorney Greg Issacs in representing Knox County Commissioner Jeff Ownby is seeking diversion for Ownby’s June arrest on Knoxville’s Sharp’s Ridge.

This legislative session in Nashville State Senator Ken Yager of Roane County and State Representative Ryan Haynes of Knox County introduced legislation that prohibits any elected official from receiving diversion.

Senator Yager introduced the legislation after Retired Judge John Kerry Blackwood granted Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner diversion on his prescription drug abuse crimes.

The State Attorney General has reviewed the legislation and has issued an opinion that it is Constitutional. Ownby’s case will be the first since the law has gone into effect.

Ownby may or may not qualify for diversion. We will see.

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3 Responses

  1. Keeping them honest says:

    Why pass a law if it does not apply? The answer is clear to most!!sSecula

  2. ASummers says:

    The people of his district should be calling for his resignation. It is sad to think that people don't think this is a direct reflection of his bad moral character. It would be the same if he was caught with a woman instead of a man. But, maybe if it was a woman the public might be quicker to condemn. The public doesn't want to offend anyone that has sexual desires for their own gender. Another big downfall of hummanity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I Am Jeff's 'people of his district,' and despite an incredible wrong decision made by Jeff regarding his personal life; he has continued to stand up in the face of embarrassment, ridicule, and gone against the grain of what 'the powers that be’ have told him to do. He took an oath to listen, serve & vote to what he feels is right to his community’s and constituents’ future and has not defaulted on that oath!… for that reason, I am standing behind him in regards to his public service position as My commissioner. Jeff has been bullied, offered deals if he would resign or vote Yes with the school board's enormous financial demand, that had no accountability, no decrease and would raise our taxes, and has turned All of it down to listen to opinions of 'his people' on issues, and vote for what is right for his community.

    I too have made horrible, stupid, embarrassing, morally wrong decisions in my life..far worse than a $50 misdemeanor fine, however mine is not splattered, twisted, spun or trashed all over Knox because I have no power of a vote or 'publicly' serve this good 'ole boy owned community! I truly have a passionate interest to publicly serve because I love my community, state, and country but after seeing how so much works behind the scenes, would now Never consider it! If you go against the grain or money, you are ripped to shreds!