Was Knox News Endorsement of Phil Ballard’s Chief Deputy Fair?

Yesterday Knox News endorsed Phil Ballard’s Chief Deputy for Property Assessor. Yesterday I heard from Andrew Graybeal one of the candidates for Property Assessor said that he was not interviewed. I informed Graybeal of Jack McElroy’s column about how they interview everyone, he said that he had read that, but was not interviewed.

My personal experience is that I was interviewed by Editor Harry Moskos in 2000 and McElroy in 2004, so I was surprised to hear one or more were not interviewed. So, I sent an email to Mr. McElroy asking him if this were true, he immediately and promptly replied back. Mr. McElroy wrote “To my knowledge, invitations went out to all candidates and we tried to contact the those we didn’t hear from, but I will check.” and then as promptly I received an email from Mr. McElroy’s Assistant “I did send Mr. Graybeal a letter to the address of: 3321 Whispering Oaks Drive, 37938. When I didn’t get a response from the letter, I left a message on this phone number: 922-4132. Thanks.”

I then contacted Mr. Graybeal asking him about the information I had received. “No letter in the mailbox and the call registry for the home show no missed calls from the KNS nor any messages on the answering system. I received a call from Megan for my qualifications on my cell phone which I answered and conveyed my platform and concerns for the office in which I seek. She was able to report for the Sunday edition for January 7, 2016.”

Last night, I ran into John Whitehead, a Property Assessor candidate and asked if he had been interviewed. He said he was interviewed on Friday and during his interview he showed the editorial board some examples of assessments of cronies and families of Ballard’s Chief Deputy and it doesn’t seem that it had been considered in their endorsement.

Now, this blog tries to publish both sides and then will editorializing with my opinion. In this story I will not state an Opinon, because I know the U.S. Post Office sucks most of the time. This is rare for me.

I get criticized a lot and not much credit because people do not understand the position of a blog. I will attempt to educate more throughly in the future.

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