History Will & Does Repeat Itself or is it Imitation Is The Greatest Form of Flattery?

Tom Spangler, a 2018 candidate for Knox Co Sheriff posted on Facebook his first campaign message. Of course this is May 2016, two years before the May 2018 Republican Primary. We have a County General, State and National Primary on August 4, 2016 and a State and National General Election in November 2016. In September and November 2017 is a Knoxville City Council elections.

Back to the subject at hand in 2016 here is Spangler’s ad

imageTen years ago, 2006 Knox Co Sheriff Tim Hutchison was reelected with this ad. image

“Proven Leadership” Ten to Twelve years apart proves that history will and does repeat itself. Spangler will face Lee Tramel Knox Co Sheriffs Office Chief of Administration and potentially other candidates.



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