Mark Harmon Calls His Supporters to Set The Record Straight….Let’s Challenge Mark!

So, Former Black Wednesday Commissioner Mark Harmon went here on KnoxViews to set the record straight on a Knoxnews commentator.

How about Harmon and whatever friends he has contacting KnoxNews about the Publisher’s conflict of renting a residence from an elected official withour disclosing the conflict of interest. The newspaper has printed favorable articles about the official even his announcement to run for Mayor in 2018 without disclosing his landlord status.

After we reported it here and also here the News Sentinel has not reported on the officeholder. Instead it appeared in a Sentinel owned weekly publication. We wrote about that here. So, instead of jumping on a commenter that may not have all the facts correct. How about informing Gannett Company of the conflict of their Publisher. Afterall there is a Journalist Code of Ethics even for a Publisher….Right?

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