Planned Parenthood Creates Fake Shield Company to Purchase East Knoxville Property

In today’s media roundup, you will see a story where the African American community in concert with ProCET (Pro-life Coalition of East TN) and the Pro-Life community held a press conference at True Vine Baptist Church in East Knoxville to oppose the relocation of Planned Parenthood to East Knoxville.

One of the major issues to come out of this news is that Planned Parenthood created a fake LLC (Limited Liability Company) in order to purchase the property in Knoxville. Leonard Lawson LLC was created, they listed a single family residence in Brentwood as the LLC’s location. Is Genie M. McCord at 5740 Sterling Oaks Drive Brentwood, TN 37027 in violation of the Brentwood zoning ordinance by having a business in a residential zoned area?

The owner of the property Ron Watkins was not given the real identity of the purchaser. He was simply informed that it was a medical provider out of Middle Tennessee. Mr. Watkins signed the sales documents in Knoxville. The representatives of Leonard Lawson LLC (Planned Parenthood) signed the documents in Nashville.

What did NAI Knoxville the commercial realtor that handled the transaction know about Leonard Lawson LLC?

These are photos of the property that Planned Parenthood purchased through a shield company.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what he knew about Planned Parenthood's eugenic history. A new 2 hour fully documented film on Planned Parenthood would enlighten him – Maafa21 is the name of that film and it can be purchased here (Preview also)