Democrats -v- Republicans and Governor Haslam

Tonight at the West Knox Republican Club there was some discussion about Governor Bill Haslam calling on the Republicans POTUS to drop off the ticket.

After some time, I stood up and said.

I am not going to judge the Governor on his position. But I have something to say, we have Obama because Democrats vote and all Republicans didn’t vote for McCain. We got a second term of Obama because all Democrats vote and not all Republicans voted for Romney.

Trump was  not my first choice, But he is the Republican nominee. If you are angry at the Governor for his position, use that negative energy and use it positively by getting 10 more people to vote Republican.

As I drove home, I remembered that in the years before 2012 the media (that is Democrat friendly entity) kept talking about the 1% and when Romney was the nominee they stuck the 1% on him. Now, the media helped this year in using the anger to make Trump the nominee. Now that the election is in the ninth inning, the damages are being broadcast.

It’s about Republicans governing. It’s about Supreme Court Justices. As Republicans, let’s take one actionable item from the Democrats and that is VOTE. VOTE like the fate of our country depends on it, because it does.

It is not about Trump, it is not about Hilary. It is about the Supreme Court, it’s about all federal judge appointments over the next 4 years and all federal departments and the rules established the next 4 years.


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