Ashe Ain’t Convincing At All about Hutchison and Susano

In tomorrow’s Shopper News Victor Ashe has some writings that are down right laugh out loud.

First, he goes on about Former Sheriff Tim Hutchison as U.S. Marshal for East TN. He makes veiled references about U.S. Senate confirmation. If the U.S. Senate confirmed a U.S. Ambassador that was found to have violated the civil rights of firemen to the country of Poland. Hutchison should have no problem.

Second, he writes about Trustee employee Charles Susano intending to join an already crowded field for Cathy Shank’s Circuit Court Clerk position. If Susano joins the field of Don Ridings, Tim Burchett and Scott Smith in the Republican Primary that will be a shock. Ashe prints in his column that Susano is a Republican. For more than 35 years I  have been an active Republican and Susano has been completely absent from party activities. In fact, I served as Knox County Republican Party Chairman from 2005-2007 and Susano was no where to be found.

In fact, Susano’s DNA is rooted in the Democrat Party. His father as a former Democrat Chairman and an elected Democrat State Executive Committeeman and appointed to a Judge position by a Democrat Governor.


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    Ever wish you could identify those professors at UT that aren’t teaching but are recruiting anarchists? I hope you will promote this website: