Great Job by Knox County Sheriffs Office on the Emma Walker and Mr. and Mrs. Guy cases

Today, we discover that Mr. and Mrs. Joel Guy were murdered and dismembered at their home either Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference today to announce the 28 year old son of the Guy’s was taken into custody today in Baton Rouge, LA.

The approach by KCSO in not making the story public likely allowed the suspect to think he was undetected and he did not flee. A similar tactic was taken in the murder of Central High School Cheerleader Emma Walker. KCSO was able to monitor the suspect for 24-36 hours before arresting him. Tactics that I will support as they continue to apprehend the bad guys.

We also learned today that in the Emma Walker case a 9 millimeter hand gun was used from a position inside the fenced in yard another round was fired after the suspect jumped the fence.

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