The 2018 Knox County Circuit Court Clerk Field Adds Another, Tim Wheeler

So, with Cathy Shanks announcing she is out of the Circuit Court Clerk position when the position is up for election in 2018. With Don Ridings having already announced. With the announcement that the son of former Knox County Democrat Chairman Charles Susano will seek the position. With the expected candidacies of Scott Smith and Tim Burchett. Sources close to Tim Wheeler have told me that Wheeler will be a candidate for Circuit Court Clerk in 2018. The crowd is getting full.

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4 Responses

  1. Patsy Dills says:

    The others can just step aside and pave the way for Tim, he ran that office for years. I still do not know why he was let go. Can someone please look into this and find out before the election. Do some digging Brian.

    • VoteRidings says:

      Tim is a great guy but with his law suits against the county, and against the Clerks office It may not be a great time for him to run. I for one will make a really great Circuit Court Clerk..

      • Run Tim Run says:

        The country we live in gives each of us a right to defend ourselves. I have not read his lawsuits, but I can take an educated guess that they are not frivolous. I’ve worked under two clerks and know how efficient Tim was. He had respect for each of us and the clerk. He never spoke negative of her and was told his job was eliminated. How do you terminate your Chief Deputy? Mr. Riding I do not know you but we know how to efficiently perform our duties. This office is three separate entities and requires someone that understands what’s required to go above and beyond the call of duty. Several departments are grossly overstated and others running on skeleton crews. Our clerk had always spoke highly of Tim and has decided to not run for office again. I cannot speak for the clerk but she knows deep down in her heart Tim respected the judicial system he worked for and made sure support was given to the Judges, above and beyond the call of duty. I was informed others have filed suits in Federal Court. Please take the time to read them and report back what the basis others have filed. I would personally like this brought to light so as others in this office could profess our opinion. We are busy employees that have no time during the day to research our clerk. We have a sworn oath that each of us took and we stand true to our pledge. Remember these words from what could be your employees in the future, Tim wasn’t the only person to file suit. Please do not judge him when you do not know him.

        • VoteRidings says:

          By no means am I judging Tim, I was just answering the question previously asked. I like Tim a lot and wish him a lot of luck with his suits.

          I have gotten very good feedback on many of the staff at the different offices, and my impression is pretty good on all that I have heard. I will be honored if everyone decides to stay after the election.