Don’t Neglect, Inspect Frank Cagle’s Column

I read Frank Cagle’s editorial published in the KNS on 17 May 2017. He begins with insults and a level of haughty derision most Americans have come to expect from the press and some politicians. Perhaps that is who his remarks are intended for. At one point it appeared that he may have some relevant point, somewhere, somehow, but alas he does not. Plain and simple his words are nothing more than another attack on American exceptionalism. His threat that if you don’t agree with the left they will do to you what they did to Mark Green, is what concerns most people under socialist and communist rule. Fortunately we live in the greatest country in the world. I will never surrender my freedom to speak out against this kind of intimidation. I am not a homophobe or bigot, intemperate, stupid, indulgent in unnecessary chatter, carless, virulent, or hateful.

I am an American, a child of God, a husband, parent, brother, son, uncle, cousin. I am a former elected official, volunteer, rotary club member, retired veteran, neighbor. I support charities of all kinds with my money property and time. I believe that we are all created equal. I am a Republican. If there is anything in any of this that Mr. Cagle or the KNS finds offensive enough to destroy me with the kind of ferocious vitriol they showed Senator Mark Green or anyone else they disagree with, bring it on. I will not change who I am to suit your world view.

Randy Pace

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