Mike Hammond Wants a Do Over

The disc jockey, record spinner Mike Hammond that happens to serve on County Commission until 2010 wants a do over. Evidently in his opinion the record skipped so he wants to hear the record again.

The Knox County citizens voted on charter amendments last year. One passed and one failed. Some citizens went to Nashville and made their case. Representative Chad Faulkner and the rest of the legislators in the House State and Local Committee heard the citizens and voted to make a change. Jack McElroy, the gang at the BIG Metal Shed on the Hill are not happy that the other citizens were heard and a vote in their favor passed. So, Hammond wants a do over.

What the citizens of district five needs to do is solicit signatures to have a do over for Hammond’s seat and Briggs seat. A recall will be an adequate do over. Let’s recall the disc jockey, record spinner. It seems all his record spinning has him spinning his public conversations.

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