Halls Community Park Report. They Are Successful and Growing

Last night at the Halls Republican Club meeting Eric Arnold of the Halls Community Park was invited and asked to give a report about the Community Park. It is one of the three largest youth parks in the county. Every year the Halls Community Park provides Knox County with our financials. The Senior Center is now two years old. The Halls Community Park serves 1500 children with an annual budget of $240,000.00. Knox Youth Sports serve fewer kids and has a budget of $1.0 million.

The Halls Community Park has set the goal of trying to build a gymnasium. In just a few short moths they have raised $30,000.00. According to Doug Batialle, Director of Parks for Knox County. The Halls Community Park is the only organization that is growing every year. For questions or to receive more information please contact the group at hallspark@tds.net

The community park group was told that Brickey/McCloud Elementary School is NOT a Halls school and because it is not a Halls school it will not be used by Halls Community Park. A lady asked who told them that. Mr. Arnold said the Brickey/McCloud Elementary School Principal. The lady in the audience said “it is a feeder school to Halls and Powell and that is not right to not allow the Community Park not to use it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you want to look at community organizations that do more with less, you should check out Smoky Mountain Athletic Club. For the record, it also continues to achieve impressive growth.