Bud Armstrong Won’t Go to Court, He Will Just Write a Check……As He Usually Does..IMHO

Kenny and Tina Bailey have filed a lawsuit against Knox County in the death of one of their dogs. In November 2016, Tina Bailey inadvertently called 911, 911 called her back and she informed them that she did not need an officer. 911 apparently failed to inform KCSO. Officers were sent, when the family and dogs were startled, three dogs ran to the sound of the beating on a bedroom window and one dog was shot and killed by an officer.

Knox County Law Director Bud Armstrong has typically shied away from the courtroom, settling a large amount of money with a jail inmate, dragging out a suit against Knox County Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Shanks for five year and counting. The only explanation that anyone can muster is that he and his staff are scared of a courtroom, so they just write checks. because its the taxpayers money, not their own money. One Senior Law Director is rumored to be  from Blount County. So, if I were a betting man, which I ain’t, Ole Bud has already pulled out the county check book.


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