Knox County Mayor’s Race 4th Quarter Financials

The fourth quarter campaign financial disclosures have been filed. Here is a recap.

Brad Anders raised $145,700.00, spent $14,088.78 and has $131,611.22 on hand.

Glenn “Kane” Jacobs had $14,292.07 on hand, raised $24,571.59, spent $19,398.76 with $19,514.90 on hand. He has $25,500 loan to his campaign.

Bob Thomas had $137,174.75 on hand, raised $46,075.00, spent $11,729.20 with $171,520.55 on hand. He has $50,000 loan.

Jacobs is the Conservative candidate, a businessman that has never run for public office, has never held public office. When you examine all his financial disclosures, you see that he raises and spends what he needs for the quarter. He does not amass a quantity of dollars for a scare tactic or to measure himself as a candidate. Today, tickets went on sale for a March 1 campaign event, it sold out in 10 minutes. In complete disclosure Jacobs has been featured as a strategic partner on this website since July 1, his spot on the left shows that. But this disclosure is for those that can’t figure that out.

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