Ole Bud Armstrong….is he Biased, UnBiased or Just Political?

So, let’s revisit the Ethics Complaint, remember it was filed in late September / early October 2017. The rules state that the role of the Knox County Law Director is to turn the complaint over to the committee, the committee then determines if there needs to be an investigation. BUT Ole Bud must have needed to find some work to keep his employed investigator busy. Because he decided the taxpayers money should be spent on a multi month investigation.

So, Ole Bud’s bureaucratic investigator went to work, not quickly in my opinion. After the investigation was completed, it isn’t clear how many days, weeks it took Ole Bud to review the investigation and write a summation to attach to the investigation, to turn over to the committee. However, now that everyone has Ole Bud’s summation and his employee’s investigation. It is interesting to note that Ole Bud was quick to point out that Bo Bennett is a former unsuccessful candidate for Knox County Commission. Ole Bud left out that on the day in 2012 that he was elected Law Director that Bo Bennett worked the polling location where Ole Bud’s opponent was ALL day in support of him. Additionally, in the summation, Ole Bud left out that one of the key figures in the investigation, Priority Ambulance lobbyist John Mills, the one that admitted in the investigation to putting the golf team together was 1) a former Knox County Commissioner 2) hosted and helped organize a campaign fundraiser for Ole Bud when he ran for Law Director. You would think a law director would treat both parties equally in a summation and lay all cards on the table, but it sure seems like he favors one over the other. Just some interesting thoughts to make you think.

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