More Questions on the News Sentinel’s PILOT

Sources have informed us that the bond for the News Sentinel’s PILOT, Payment In Lieu Of Taxes was $55 million. The appraisals for the News Sentinel is $16 million. This appraisal according to our sources include land, the metal shed on the hill, all equipment furnishings and supplies on the property. So, what happened to the other $39 million?

In addition, Don Parnell chairs the Knoxville Industrial Development Board (IDB) at the time Bill Lyons chaired the Board of KCDC. Lyons went on to the administration of the Mayor of the City of Knoxville in 2003. Parnell was a leader in Knox Charter Petition Group and Knox Accountability. The group that was successful in reducing the number of seats on County Commission. Any connection, there?

We are working to confirm other connections to the News Sentinel and parties involved in this issue. We are working to confirm that a sibling to one countywide elected official involved in this issue is employed at the News Sentinel.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Parnell is a lawyer. Why couldn’t he get his Charter Amendment legal? It has all kinds of problems. Now we have to pay for another lawsuit.

    Maybe the reason the KNS supported the Charter Amendments is they had to? Are local policitcal powers blackmailing the KNS over back taxes?

  2. I don’t believe that any one is “blackmailing” the NS over back taxes. I think some political officials believe that the NS should be held accountable for their agreement and in a transparent manner with the taxpayers money in a sweet heart bailout deal in 2002.

    The E.W. Scripps Board will likely be questioning the expenditure of legal fess to Rick Hollow and the Knox County Chancery Court. When they are likely receiving a past due tax bill.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What happened yesterday in Commission? Whitehead said the KNS only owed $20,000. The auditor said the contract wasn’t enforceable. Someone needs to explain why the contract is not enforceable if that is true.

    Who drew up the PILOT contract?