Attention Eighth District Voters

Alan Summers of the Eighth District has created a non partisan website with information about the three candidates running for Knox County Commission in the Eighth District. Republican Bud Armstrong, Democrat Leon Daugherty and Independent Russ Huckaba.

Check out the website here and compare the candidates.

If you, like Brian’s Blog believe that our community could do without a small wannabe dictator by the name of Jack McElroy. Then you will want to look at the campaign brochure of Russ Huckaba. It appears that McElroy has already endorsed Huckaba.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brian, what is your take on why McElroy would endorsed Huckaba? Like you I don’t want McElroy to control Knox County anymore than he does already. From what I hear from the 8th, Huckaba is a joke.


  2. Edward

    I have no idea why McElroy would endorse Huckaba. Or why Huckaba would want McElroy’s endorsement.

    The Eighth District is the only district in Knox County that has hated the Sentinel longer than any other community. They dislike Harry Moskos just as badly as they dislike McElroy.