Obama Needs To Call His Wife, NOW!

As I am watching former President Bill Clinton deliver his 15 minute speech to the Democrat Convention. I need some of you Democrats to call Obama and tell him he needs to call his wife and tell her to get that look of smug, disdain and disgust off of her face when and while the Clinton’s are received so well.

Last night during Hillary’s speech, I thought that I was reading Mrs. Obama wrong. Tonight, her reaction to Bill is worse.

I was asked on the Voice this morning what I thought of Hillary’s speech. I said then and now that Hillary did a great job. Bill Clinton has always been a great deliverer of a speech. I do not agree with Hillary’s social agenda of taking a village to corrupt all of our children. But last night she did good. Will I ever vote for a Clinton? NO! NO! NO!

I find it interesting that the Democrats are turning on themselves. Obama is not reaching out to the Clinton’s. The Clinton’s realize that with four years of McCain. Hillary will be the leading challenger for President in 2012.

So it goes on and on for the Democrats. I can’t believe that they are limiting their only successful President (Bill Clinton) to 15 minutes tonight. 15 minutes. I hope “Slick Willy” talks for 45. Right now he is 5 minutes over and counting.

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