Knox County School Board Reorganizes

The first of September the Knox County School Board elected Board Member Terry Hill as Chair and Susan Horn as Vice Chair. Last night the board met in Work Session in preparation for the October 17, 2018 Board Meeting.

When the Knox County Commission met and elected Hugh Nystrom as Chairman and Michelle Carringer as Vice Chairman they put the members on the standing committees. The equivalent for the School Board were in the work session material yesterday. So here it is.

Certified (teachers) Sick Leave Bank Trustees

Kristi Kristy and Tony Norman

CLASS Representative

Jennifer Owen

Coordinated School Health Advisory Council Representative

Patti Lou Bounds

Disparities in Educational Outcomes Steering Committee Representative

Evetty Satterfield

Ethics Committee Members

Terry Hill, Mike McMillan and Tony Norman

Family Advisory Council Representative

Kristi Kristy

Joint Education Committee Members

Board Member Virginia Babb

Board Member Patti Lou Bounds *Retired teacher

Board Member Susan Horn

Board Member Evetty Satterfield

Commissioner Michelle Carringer

Commissioner Evelyn Gill *ex Knox County School employee

Commissioner Larsen Jay

Commissioner Randy Smith *wife is a teacher

Knox County Investment Committee Representative

Mike McMillan

PTA Clothing Center Board Representative

Kristi Kristy

Student Representative Selection Committee Representative

Terry Hill

Superintendent Evaluation Committee

Jennifer Owen, Chair, Patti Lou Bounds and Susan Horn

Teacher Supply Depot Representative

Virginia Babb

Tennessee Legislative Network Representative 

Jennifer Owen





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