Ole Bud Picks and Chooses What Media He Responds To, It’s Alright!

In less than two years, ole Bud’s term limited term will end, if NOT sooner. But, I noticed that he responded to the daily newspaper about a reaction to Chancellor John Weaver’s Opinion. The Knox News pays Tyler Whetstone a full time salary and benefits to stay on these guys.

This website is NOT my full time job, however, within less that  two hours of Howard Hogan, the Clerk and Master file stamping the opinion,


I sent Ole Bud an email for comment. Apparently Ole Bud has ignored it.


That is ok, I have sources close enough to know what I need to know. We are less than 22 months from ole Bud being out if NOT sooner and a more professional law department will be in operation at least by September 1, 2020.


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