How dishonest can these people get? The Home Rule Charter form of Government began in September 1990 after we (the citizens, including me) voted for it. That was a fundamental change in how we operate in Knox County. In 1994, we (the citizens, including me) voted in term limits. That changed how we operate in Knox County. Gary Drinnen’s comments demonstrate how dishonest the Knox Accountability Group really is.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:


    Little bit of a slip-up that I’m glad to clarify. The EXECUTIVE branch of our government looks the same as it has since the formation of Knox County.


  2. Gary:

    That is not true. The County prior to the 1980’s (not 1780’s or 1790’s) were governed with a Road Commissioner, a Health and Welfare Commissioner and a County Judge. With a small group of squires.

    In the early 1980’s we went with a county executive and a legislative body called a county commission.

    Would you like to try again?

  3. Gary says:


    As you know, the set-up also includes an elected Trustee, Property Assessor, Register of Deeds, etc.

    Those offices are important offices within the executive branch that have remained much unchanged since the 1780’s.

    Your turn 😉

  4. No Gary, those offices are not within the executive branch. They operate seperately, that i why they are electe dseperately. Unless, your people are successful in eliminating term limits for Trustee, Registe and Property Assessor as appointees of the County Mayor.

    BTW, in your television interview you said 1790’s, now you have backed up 10 years or a decade by stating 1780’s. What gives?