Great Blog Work by The Media Report Team

Congratulations to the Media Report Team. It appears that the Media Report Team has been working really hard on covering the moonlighting of one of the news anchors over at WATE. It seems that they are covering The Voice and WATE. While the Brian’s Blog Team have been covering the actions of “the metal shed on the hill” (aka News-Sentinel) and it’s counterpart WBIR. Both teams normally cover WVLT as part of a joint venture / partnership of our two teams. So, to our sometimes partnering team, Here’s To You!!

While we are posting this at 6:01 p.m. the television is on WVLT here at the corporate office of the Brian’s Blog Team. That team over at Volunteer TV (Alan, Stacy, Scott and Rick) are far better than Laurie and Gene or John and Robin. What television station is the media report team watching? Enquiring minds want to know!

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