The Solution to Fix Chapman Highway, the South Knox Problem

This week, Entrepreneur Tom Boyd announced resort for South Knox County, it is GREAT news for development and growth of the county and region. HOWEVER, here is what needs to happen IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

Chapman Highway has been, still is one of the areas most dangerous roads. Most recently 22 year old Pierce Corcoran lost his life in a traffic accident on Chapman Highway. With the redevelopment at the old Baptist Hospital site at the Tennessee River, with the redevelopment of the Old Kerns Bakery and now with this development. It is time for the one fix to Chapman Highway that will NOT disrupt Chapman Highway at all. It is a fix that will minimize the taking of lives with distracted driving, driving under the influence and the drivers driving without a license, insurance and being illegal.

BUILD the JAMES WHITE PARKWAY EXTENSION! NOW! It requires Tennessee Department of Transportation, Knoxville City Council and the Knox Mayor working together. Can they work together?


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  1. Liberals are Insane says:


    Mayor Glenn Jacobs, your destiny is calling.