ReCode Knoxville, What is the Rush?

The 2019 City of Knoxville elections have begun. The Mayor, the three at Large Council Members and the District 5 Council Member are lame duck members. So, what’s the rush?

Something as large as ReCode should be vetted by individuals that will have to enforce it, the new Mayor and Council members.

So, let’s continue the discussion, the examination and plan for a 2020 vote. Because the new Mayor and Council members will take office in December 2019.


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1 Response

  1. Liberals are Insane says:

    It is completely unfair that the City Council workshop on Recode Thursday April 4th is the last Recode workshop. It only discusses Draft 4 of Recode. Draft 5 will not be out until the end of April. If City Council tries to vote on Recode without a workshop on Draft 5 they will find themselves in court. How many laws have been broken so far with Recode? This is government malpractice.