Eddie Mannis to explore precinct model for possible reform of Knoxville law enforcement

Mayoral candidate seeks to foster closer links between local communities and KPD

KNOXVILLE, TN- Businessman and former Chief Operating Officer of Knoxville Eddie Mannis will explore a precinct-driven approach to law enforcement for the Knoxville Police Department as part of his blueprint as Mayor of the City of Knoxville.

The “hub and spoke” model being explored by Mannis would study the feasibility of developing a network of KPD locations. The approach would allow police officers to cultivate deeper community connections within the neighborhoods where the particular precinct is located.  A smaller administrative headquarters, located downtown or on the current KPD training site, would oversee clerical and logistical operations for the department, while leaving day-t0-day responsibilities to precinct captains across the city.

As Mayor, Eddie Mannis will work with KPD, the Chief of Police, the City Council, and community stakeholders to develop and implement this model of law enforcement.

A hub and spoke model will allow for precincts to focus on crime reduction and promoting safety in the neighborhoods where they are located.  This approach allows for more frequent interaction between the officers who are dedicated to certain areas and the citizens who live and work in them.  Additionally, this model will aid law enforcement in understanding the priorities and concerns of the neighborhood and the needs that exist within our communities.

The model could also provide opportunities for greater efficiencies, such as officer travel and transport, while offering increased potential for community engagement.  With smaller precincts located across the city, the upfront costs could be significantly less than a large central facility. The precinct driven model is an approach that has been successfully adopted by a number of cities of a similar size to Knoxville including Mobile, AL, Savannah, GA, and Chesapeake, VA.

 “Knoxville is a city that is continuing to grow, and we need a model for law enforcement that is flexible and versatile enough to grow with it, and that provides facilities that enable our police department to be as effective as they can be,” said Mannis. “KPD is made up of an amazing group of men and women, led by a chief who cares passionately about the safety of our community. The precinct model I want to examine will be a way to enhance the way we protect the people who live and work in our city.”

“As mayor, I will encourage not only KPD but every city department to consider ways that we may serve our citizens better and more efficiently in the future.”

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