Kern’s Is Back….Here’s Some Good News

For those of you that ain’t from around here, you just won’t understand.

However, for those of us that are from around here. Food City is bringing back Kern’s Bread. Do you remember A.J. and Mavis? Do you remember the smell coming from the Kern’s bakery on Chapman Highway? Did you ever tour the Kern’s bakery plant as a field trip with your scout troop and get one of those little individual loaves of Kern’s bread? Did the Kern’s Merry Go Round ever come to your birthday party?

Man, it is these memories that contribute to making East Tennessee the best place to have been raised. Here is a television commercial that Food City is doing to bring back Kern’s bread and the memories of a simpler, better time in East Tennessee.

I will be at Food City, buying Kern’s bread soon.

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