Will the Commission and Mayor Have an Impasse on Thursday?

Thursday June 6, the Knox County Commission will vote on the proposed first budget of Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs.

This past Tuesday the Commission delayed a contract involving indigent care for the next fiscal year (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020).

Mayor Jacobs has proposed a cut to the financial contribution Knox County provides for that program.

It is health care for 1,100 individuals aged 18-64 that live in Knox County for 30 days and make $500 or less.

Ms. Vivian Underwood Shipe has been the Crusader for returning Knox County’s contribution to what it was last year and on Tuesday it seemed that several Commissioners were listening and wanting to help restore the contributions.

It does beg the question, if a majority (6) of Commissioners amend the budget to include the dollars to fund indigent care (to last years level) and the Mayor executes a line item veto of their amended budget. Are there 8 Commissioners that will vote to over ride the potential Mayoral veto?

Will this be the first show down between Commission and the Mayor?

Stay tuned.

Knox County Commission

Mayor Jacobs presenting his budget

Mayor Jacobs presenting his budget

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3 Responses

  1. Randy says:

    None of the providers need this stipend. The one getting the lions share (Cherokee Health) should provide complete and full public disclosure of why for four years it had billing irregularities with TennCare. Why it is paying back over 7 million dollars over a five year period and why they did not have to remit the full amount in the required 90 days. In addition TennCare should explain publicly their hand in this. Knox County Government should not be taking any tax dollars locally and giving it to a non profit so they can pay back money owed to another government agency period. This has nothing to do with showdowns or community activists or indigent care. Nothing will change in medical care available regardless of the amount of money the County provides. There is more than enough money being spent, spending it wisely is another matter.

  2. Hubert Smith says:

    I am hopeful there are at least eight commissioners that will vote 🗳 to amend and restore at least last year’s amount for indigent care. Of all places that cuts can be found, why is indigent care, the most helpful to those in need, the chosen line item? This is a clear statement about what Knox County feels about those most in need. It was a shameful act to remove it, and will be equally shameful not to restore it.

    • Randy says:

      This is not about funding indigent care. Cherokee Health needs to explain why they billed TennCare, by extension the people of Tennessee for more than they provided. They should not get another single dime of any government funding until such time they provide full disclosure. Indigent care will continue to be provided at the exact same level that it is right now. Anyone that suggest otherwise is not being honest with themselves or the people of Knox County. ProHealth Rural Health Service in Franklin is being sued for 18 million dollars after over billing TennCare for 6 million dollars. They filed for bankruptcy. Just think how many people could have been helped if these people were not doing this. Don’t blame the Mayor and County Commission for trying to stop wasting more taxpayer money.