Allegations & Rumors Galore As Budget Moves On

Yesterday, the public forum portion of the Knox County Commission meeting generated a lot of folks using their time to express a desire to fund the additional $35 million that the School Board has asked for or opposition to the awarding of $35 million increase. One citizen below shared that he had heard that Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett had been threatening Commissioners. After the meeting Mayor Burchett’s Chief of Staff Dean Rice informed the gentleman that there is no basis of fact to the rumor. The gentleman said he was glad to hear that.

A recent West High School graduate (as in this past Saturday night) spoke to Commissioners in support of the increased funding. Rumor has been circulating that the young man had been recruited by the “Support Our Schools” to challenge Commissioner Jeff Ownby in 2016. The young man has reportedly informed certain individuals that’s his intent. However, he apparently was quoted in the May 7th Shopper that he will be running for School Board in 2014, against Lynne Fugate we assume.

So, the Support Our Schools folks are recruiting candidates before the vote is even held for the Mayor’s budget? That would be threats, wouldn’t it?

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don't you think if he's the valedictorian at West he'll be in college somewhere in 2014 and 2016?

    You're better than that Brian.

  2. Did I report that he was valedictorian? According to the rumors he has a scholarship at UTK, he reportedly told the Shopper as was published on 5/7 that he will run for school board in 2014. I don't have that copy, but two individuals informed me of it. He really needs to work on his public speaking abilities, I will advise

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Support Our Schools and the superintendent has used the schools email system, funded by the taxpayers, to urge teachers to contact commissioners and urge them to support McIntyre's budget.

    Isn't using taxpayer funded equipment during a school day to try to moblize teachers in support of the school budget a violation of school and county policy?

  4. Moon Pie Jim says:

    Local government has two (2) essential functions, educate and incarcerate and the bulk of the county's budget should be dedicated to these two functions. Educate our children and maintain a civilized society in Knox County.

    The rest of the garbage in the county's budget should be cut immediately. The funds to the not for profits, the funds to the SuperChamber, Sports and Tourism, etc. is a pure waste of taxpayer's dollars. I can tolerate some possible management/funding the county health department, assuming they do something like actually treat indigent patients. In that context you have educate, incarcerate, and medicate, but the rest of the county's budgeted functions are well beyond the needs of the community.

    Notice too that the City of Knoxville does none of these basic functions, they do not eductate, they have no jail (they do have a police force), they have no health department, they have no libraries.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How is it that we're spending more than $2 million again on KTSC? Hasn't that group shown they can't be stewards of our tax dollars? The Chamber and Development Corp. is getting what, like $500,000 this year? If I had to prioritize I wouldn't put tourism above jobs for the people who actually live here and pay taxes.