Should Political Parties Be Involved in Non Partisan Races?

The question is should the Democrat or Republican Parties be involved in non partisan races?

Last night at the West Knox Republican Club, Republican Chair Randy Pace pledged while he is Chair that the party will be involved in city races, he made the comment that while the city “monkeys” in County races. My thought was, well city voters are County voters. The only way a county resident is a city voter is if they own city property and are property qualified to vote in city elections.

Pace did ensure that if he is asked, he will give HIS opinion. As I understand (through multiple sources) that he had asked the Executive Committee to endorse a Republican slate for the August 27, 2019 Knoxville races However, the Executive Committee failed to support the party entering into the city election fray.



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4 Responses

  1. Randy says:

    The answer to your question Brian is a resounding yes. Elections by their very nature are partisan; “strong supporter of party, cause or person”. Every person in the city is a resident of the County. The Knox County Republican Party exists for the primary purpose of electing the very best and brightest Republicans to public office. We are a part of the State and National Republican Party. We also focus on State and Federal Offices. And just so we a clear, there is a difference between a regular Republican voter and a member of the Republican Party. At no time did the Knox County Republican Party or any member of the executive committee suggest that we endorse anyone that did not meet the minimum requirement of Republican Party Bylaws to be considered a bona fide Republican. Having spoke with each candidate who met that criteria none objected to that support. There were some that were tepid about vigorous support (some even making public comments that they are not in fact members of the party) it was, after much discussion decided by the executive committee to not make a public endorsement of individual candidates. I can also tell you without reservation that none of the candidates that affiliate and routinely donate to the Democrat Party were considered for such endorsement. I will close by adding that the city of Knoxville and the conservatives that live there need and deserve our support. They certainly are not going to get it from the likes of candidates supported by radical left wing ideologies.

    • BHornback says:

      former State Rep. Eddie Smith had a Bill to make all races City, School Board partisan. It didn’t have support to pass.

      If there was a ground swell of support for partisan elections. He would have had help to pass the bill.

      I disagree that EVERYTHING is partisan, I don’t need a Republican or a Democrat to work at the Public library or the County’s convenience center where I put my household garbage. I don’t need a Republican or Democrat to keep the parks and greenways safe (law enforcement and maintaining the parks)

  2. Randy says:

    You certainly are not disagreeing with me. I certainly never said everything is partisan. Considering we don’t elect the people that work at those facilities at the City, County, State, and Federal level I think we agree. That being said the level of funding and the process by which we deliver these types of services becomes partisan. Our wants and demands as individuals and groups put the burden on government to deliver. Far to often Government exceeds existing revenue streams and spend more time trying to come up with creative ways to get more of the public’s money.

    • BHornback says:

      When Mayor’s are elected they control the employees. While I am a Republican, I have also been elected to a non partisan School Board position. Our schools are clearly NOT an area where partisan politics should guide the operation.