Roane County Commissioner Nick Forrester and Me

Tonight, I attended the Roane County TEA Party forum for the candidates for State Representative of the 32nd District. When I got there Roane County Commissioner Randy Ellis was there and then Roane County Commissioner Nick Forrester came up.

Commissioner Ellis took our picture. Why did Ellis do that? You see back in the Spring, I was with Third District Congressional Candidate Weston Wamp as he visited Roane County. We had just finished eating lunch at the Cracker Barrel and were preparing to go into Harriman.

Harriman Businessman Chris Alher came in and was speaking to Commissioner Ellis, Roane County Mayor Ron Woody and Kingston Mayor Troy Beets. When Alher (the former fiancee of State Representative Julia Hurley) looked at me and said, “oh Nick Forrester right?” I said NO, Brian Hornback.

As Alher walked off, everyone was kidding me. I asked isn’t that Rep. Hurley’s former fiancee? The answer was yes. I then said had I anticipated his comment, my come back would have been, oh you are Mr. Hurley?

So, here is Nick Forrester and I together. He is a good guy. He has supported some good folks. So I am not ashamed to be confused for him. I wonder if the same is true of Alher?

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