Why Would South Doyle NOT Know the TSSAA Rule?

Ninety Eight percent of the time I leave the sports reactions to Tony Basilio and others. Except for my #AdmiralAdmiration for the #AdmiralNation of Farragut High. However,

A South Doyle High School player was ejected from the game in the first quarter against Seymour. Because of the ejection he must miss the next game. South Doyle Coach Clark Duncan has told Knox News that he is going to appeal to TSSAA the call on his player. However, KnoxNews quotes the Executive Director of TSSAA Bernard Childress as saying it is NOT appealable. From the KnoxNews story “The way I view it on film, he (was) leading with his shoulder and his helmet hit the side of the players (sic) face mask,” Duncan said in a text message Saturday. He added, “I know that Elijah would not commit a flagrant act.” Over text, Childress said a school can “only appeal misapplication of a rule. Judgement calls cannot be overturned.

Clark Duncan

One, Duncan has been around coaching and athletic directing forever, if his player had been the one to be hit by a player deemed as targeting by the official, would he try and appeal? Could it be that Duncan’s film angle is NOT the same angle as the Referee that witnessed the hit? Second, since Duncan has been around forever, why doesn’t he know he can not appeal the ejection? Someone should send Duncan an audio download of “let it go”, in my opinion.

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