Commissioner R. Larry Smith Gets The Award For Grandstanding and Chief Hypocrite

Last night at County Commission, R. Larry Smith continued with his political grandstanding by reaching out and slapping the Sheriffs Department for no known reason. Here is what happened. There was a discussion on the ordinance of nepotism (county employees not being allowed to run for or serve on county commission) R. Larry launched off on some juvenile tirade saying that people were still in the back of the room, glad handing and lobbying for votes to go one way or another. He then launched into the Sheriffs Department saying that while the County Mayor was being grilled the Sheriffs Department was in the back laughing and cutting up.

There was no response to Smith’s little temper tirade. But, within about 20 minutes a citizen spoke on Public Forum and chastised Commissioner Lambert and the entire County Commission. Commissioner Lambert went outside to speak with the woman and from within the chamber you could hear the woman obviously angry, yelling at Commissioner Lambert.

For those of us still in the Commission chambers watching the Commission business. Three commissioners led by R. Larry Smith were giggling and acting like they were three years old. The other two commissioners that were behaving like juveniles were Mark Harmon and Tony Norman. All three acted like they were in the second grade.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometime you should investigate what the “R” in R. Larry Smith really stands for.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Brian’s Blog and his team should investigate what the “R” in R. Larry Smith really stands for…

  3. Anonymous says:

    They were laughing at Comm. Lambert getting his ‘heels locked and put at ease’, so to speak. Which in military parlance means stand still, be silent I am talking and you, the subordinate, had better be listening. In this case a voter (the superior) unloaded on a public servant (the subordinate, in this case Comm. Lambert) and you mention three that thought it was funny. Reading the account in the paper and online I don’t think those three were the only ones laughing at Comm. Lambert.


  4. Steve I do not disagree that there were others laughing at Comm. Lambert. The difference is the position of moral superiority of R. Larry and the position of respect that Tony and Mark demanded earlier in the evening.