THP Has A Quota. Why Am I Not Surprised By Another Bredesen Failures

This story in today’s News~Sentinel reveals one thing. The THP has a quota system.

The agency suspended him for two days in May 2006 for not meeting the THP’s quota for commercial vehicle inspections.

Why am I not surprised that THP would have a quota system. Prince Phillip of Nashville has compromised the integrity of the THP from day one. The Bryan Farmer case is the tip of the iceberg. Bryan Farmer was punished because he is a Republican and the state will ultimately pay a huge price for the injustice. Prince Phillip of Nashville uses the THP in the rawest sense of political gamesmanship.

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1 Response

  1. Anonymous says:

    The legitimacy of your compliant rests on three things:
    1) If he didn’t do his job (vehicle inspection) then he was wrong – the validity of an insepection system is dependent on there being inspections – statistical principles come into play in determining how many inspections are necessary since in most circumstances it is simply immpossible to inspect at 100%. Political polling is works on much the same principle. If he didn’t do the required amount of inspections then the validity of the inspection system is at risk and he was wrong and deserved a reprimand.
    2) The severity of the reprimand – was the reprimand over the top? IF the typical reprimand consists only of an oral reprimand and, however, he was suspended for two days then, yes, something is amiss – otherwise he should take this as “motivational consuling” (a term a former sargent of mine was fond of using) and do his job properly.
    3) A pattern of:
    a) Retribution against him – then Prince Phillip is wrong and should be held to account.
    b) Job dereliction – then he’s wrong and it would seem he is being held accountable.

    The fact that the THP has a quota for vehicle inspections really should not come as a surprise to anyone. The law mandates certain standards and the shear numbers prevent 100% inspection. Consequently, you inspect a determined amount, knowing that fear of being found in violation will keep everyone honest (well, most everyone, anyway).