Another Blogger’s View and the Friday January 10th Visit to McMillan Farm

First, East Knox County resident and activist Kim Bailey was at the Court today and yesterday she visited the McMillan farm, from Thorngrove Pike took pics and blogged here her thoughts and pics.

A few moments ago, the Knox County Sheriffs Office forwarded me the 2nd supplement. This from a visit on Friday January 10th by both KCSO and the TN Department of Agriculture TN Special Agent/Investigator for the Agricultural Crime Unit.



On Friday, January 10, 2020 I was escorting Tennessee Department of Agriculture Special Agent / Investigator for the Agricultural Crime Unit (Agent R. Raper) to the property for a follow up. Agent Raper is concerned the deceased cow and calf are not deep enough in the ground, the large white bull and the small black bull are digging with their front legs (feet) and heads to attempt
to dig her up. He is concerned with the number of new calves (approximately 7 on each side of the road). He noticed 1 calf attempting to nurse and as the calf would make the attempt it would head butt the utters. Agent Raper advises that is a sign the mother is not producing colostrum and milk. He explains colostrum is a necessity for calves when they are 1st born. He is unsure if the calves will survive with the conditions of the mother cows. In videos, all cows have diarrhea streaming from their rear
ends. He states this can be from a number of intestinal virus’ and bacteria. He also noticed a cough and mucus from the cows, he advised this could be BRD (Bovine Respiratory Disease) which is common in sickly cows and is highly contagious in a herd. Cows were noticed drinking from water standing in feces. No potable water has been placed for the cattle as he instructed Mr McMillan to put out for the cows. He looked at the hay advising, the hay is considered a filler hay and isn’t nutrient sufficient enough
to sustain the cattle. He advises the cattle need alfalfa hay and high protein grain, but was concerned of the shock it would
place on their system if just placed in the pasture and recommends a feeding plan be put into effect by a UT Ag Extension or a Veterinarian. He states all cows need vet care, worming blocks, mineral blocks and protein blocks. He advised there are too many cows in the pasture since the pasture is not being turned properly and the grazing ground is baron. He states the cattle should
not be sold for Human Consumption and does not think they will pass the FDA inspection. He added, if the cows are treated by a veterinarian and have been cleared by a veterinarian they may be considered for Human Consumption at that time. Mr Glyn Underwood
has stepped forward and has been requested to be placed on the report as a witness. He advises, he has watched this go on for years and is concerned for the animals and the safety of the public due to the cattle getting out and the danger it places in the roadway along with the spread of disease the cattle carry that may be contagious to animals and humans alike. He advises several have died and numerous complaints have been made with no action against Mr McMillan. This incident did occur in Knox County, Tennessee.

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