E.W. Scripps and Sandra Clark

UPDATE: We have received several emails this morning asking why in less than two years has she resorted to drawing four individuals into same sex insinuations?

Almost two years ago, Sandra Clark editor employee of E.W. Scripps came under scrutiny for a picture that she published in the little community paper where she is employed. The picture was a photograph that she lifted from the News~Sentinel of former Knox County School Board Member Chuck James and their new informant Tyler Harber. She published the photograph with a very derogatory headline. She came under fire from citizen activist groups and from other media outlets. She refused to exit her little office building to comment while WATE was sit up outside the office building.

She published an apology and after some internal conversations with E.W. Scripps she went on her way and about her business. So we were shocked to see a similar tactic used by Clark again less than two years since the last time, but she did it again. This time she inserted two new characters. This time again using two men and both are public officials.

Ragsdale lovefest: At Friday’s breakfast meeting with the Knoxville Chamber, Ragsdale remarked to Mike Hammond: “I don’t know if you’re the mayor’s guy, but I’m glad to be one of your guys.” No word on whether they kissed after the meeting.

This appeared on page A-4 of the December 10, 2007 edition of the paper where she is employed as editor. How long with E.W. Scripps continue to tolerate such a rogue employee?

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