E.W. Scripps Reporters?

This is a contribution from one of our think tank team member. When an E.W. Scripps employee post a comment or comments on a on-line blog. Should their comment be so derogatory and slanderous?

Submitted by Bbeanster on Mon, 2007/12/17 – 6:10pm.

What’s up with Larry Smith?

Wellllll,First thing that comes to mind is the full-page ad denouncing R. LArry’s opponent (James McMillan) that Victor Jernigan bought just before the last county elections.Second thing probably shows up on R. Larry’s financial disclosures. Or maybe not.As an MPC commissioner, Smith was a development whore. No reason to expect him to be any different as a commissioner. The people who elected him also elected Scoobie. (emphasis mine)

Can the KNS’s “objective, professional” reporters not present themselves in a manner that is not obscene and outside the boundaries of this culture’s lax standards in public discourse?

Apparently not.

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