Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones Says to Tyree.. Bring It On

In a report this evening about the candidacy of Randy Tyree for Sheriff. Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.” Jones issued the following statement.

“Randy Tyree is a nice guy, but it is a direct slap in the face to the citizens of Knox County for him to run for sheriff of the third largest county in the state of Tennessee when he has had no involvement in law enforcement in over 30 years.

He has shown his inability to manage money, with large unpaid campaign debts, not to mention that only five months ago he was sued by First Tennessee Bank for an unpaid debt of $28,000.

It would be a travesty to have him responsible for the $60 million operating budget of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

The voters have a clear choice, either to continue the career minded professionalism of one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the state of Tennessee or succumb to the political whims of a career politician.”

In an interview with Brian’s Blog this evening, Sheriff Jones is prepared for a spirited campaign. Brian’s Blog believes the spirit of “Bring It On” is alive and well with the Jones campaign.

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2 Responses

  1. Night_Hawk_1 says:

    J.J. Jones is a Tim Hutchison PUPPET !!!

    800 employees but only 8 marked cars on the streets per shift, gezzz !!!

    Put some of DOZEN CHIEFS on the STREETS !!!

    $60,000,000 BUDGET???
    I could cut that 10% the first day !!!

  2. Well, night_hawk_1 you are typical of cowardly blog commenters, you like hiding behind an anonymous name.

    First, you can’t say that J.J. is Tim Hutchison puppet. J.J. left the department and ran against Sheriff Tim, not exactly the actions of a puppet.

    Our county heighborhoods are safer than the neighborhoods in the city. So there.

    Lastly, you could cut 10% the first day. Well, you can’t and you won’t because night_hawk_1 couldn’t get 25 registered voters to sign a petition to get you on the ballot.

    Have a good day!