Desperate Candidates Resort to Desperate Talk – Fact Checking is What I do.

The Knox County Property Assessor race has been moving along with not much fanfare. Of course, John Whitehead is seeking re-election after a four year term in which he won by besting two other opponents in 2016. Now he faces one opponent in the March 3, 2020 Republican primary. Early Voting begins this Wednesday February 12-25.

A recent tweet by Whitehead’s opponent raised some eyebrows over the last 24 hours. She declares herself the “most qualified” candidate. In many of the appearances that I have witnessed and recorded, she has shared zero appraisal certifications she received during her time in the Assessors office. She just states that she was an appraiser in the office.

Screenshot of a recent tweet

Screenshot of a recent tweet

Whitehead is the only Assessor who holds a CAE (Certified Assessment Evaluator) in the State of Tennessee. Additionally, in the appearances where I have witnessed both candidates and recorded them, Whitehead recalls having successfully appealed his opponents own real property appraisal during the administration  of Assessor Philip Ballard and Whitehead was successful in the appeal, It begs to question. Why was Mrs. Marshall not able to appeal her own appraisal?

I intend  to follow up with her experience as an appraiser in the Knox County Property Assessors Office and  if there is more information, I will pass it along.

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