The City is Removing Signs on the Eve of Early Voting, Is there an Agenda?

Tonight, the eve of Early Voting beginning a source saw a city of Knoxville truck and two employees taking down Republican signs along Northshore. He asked the female driver and she said the City of Knoxville Deputy Director told them to remove all signs in right of ways along Northshore.
Is it a coincidence that a Democrat City administration said to remove all signs, that just happen to be Republican, the night before early voting is to begin?
All of Kyle Ward’s signs were authorized by the private property owners and were put on their property. My source did point that out to the employee and her response was that, “we are just doing what we were told”.

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2 Responses

  1. Jennifer Owen says:

    There have been signs COVERING Ftn City for three or more weeks, blocking sidewalks, blocking visibility, blocking fire hydrants, and up against school properties. People have told me that they called the city and were told that there was nothing they could do. It certainly seems selective. 🙁

    (Mr. Ward might want to go out to Downtown West to retrieve all of his that are above the 2-signs in the median limit, before they get those, too.)

  2. Mechelle says:

    The Democratic City Administer needs to questioned why he asked employees to removed signs on private property. First he used city dollars to pay the employees to this and second it wasn’t his call to make. I hope there will be a follow up to this article.