Georgiana Vines Writes a Work of Fiction. Is Anyone Surprised? I Didn’t Think So.

Today’s column by Georgiana Vines has a work of fiction in it. Here is the snippet about me that contains the work of fiction. The work of fiction is in bold print for emphasis.

When Brian Hornback, former Knox County GOP chairman, had the floor, he made a pitch for Republicans seeking Knox County offices to come together after the Feb. 5 primary.

“We’ll be having a family discussion in February. We want to elect Republicans after that and not Democrats (and) send a message to the News Sentinel and others that they don’t control this town,” he said.

He was referring to the newspaper’s lawsuit over the state Open Meetings Act. A Chancery Court jury found the County Commission violated the act when appointing 12 officials to replace term-limited office holders. Chancellor Daryl Fansler then vacated the 12 positions, most of which were held by Republicans.

You can read a detailed accounting of Georgiana’s attack on me, here. However, at NO time did I state that my comment was referring to the newspaper’s lawsuit over the state Open Meetings Act. There were at least 6 witnesses that viewed the exchange between Georgiana and myself. She approached me angrily and very combative. I thanked her three times for stopping to talk to me.

It is really no surprise that she would create a work of fiction. Many people felt that all the years of professionalism by Georgiana went out the window in her seeking someone out and verbally attacking them in the manner that she did.

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1 Response

  1. SteveMule says:

    It’s not what you said – it’s what you didn’t say. What you said clearly creates the reasonable impression/assumption that you refering to the KNS lawsuit What you didn’t say was that you weren’t refering to that. You carelessly, tho unintentionally, let a false impression/assumption be created and then rather than forgive Ms. Vine’s initial anger toward you and clear everything up you blew her off with your snitty attitude thus allowing the impression/assumption to continue and find its way into print whereupon you express outrage and can deny everything. Knowing you as I do I know you didn’t plan this – you couldn’t. But still … well played, sir.