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2 Responses

  1. khs teaching assistant says:

    Why are the “innocent” teachers prior to any investigation, automatically placed on leave, leaked to the press and their reputations defamed and ruined.

    Kim Kallenburg’s name was leaked to the press with allegations of sexual conduct with a student that was unproven. Diane Pshigois allegations were unproven. John Fulkerson allegations were unfounded.

    Two situations that were never leaked to the press until they were proven.

    Erin McLean, which evidently was proven, but no word of the school system doing anything until there was a students death.

    The West high School ROTC teacher from this weeks paper that was hush, hush until the paper exposed it after the investigation and after he was placed on probation.

    Past experience reveals that if the schools PR office leaks a name, the person is usually innocent. Only until we hear of a students death or a teacher on probation due a legitimate investigation do we find a real issue.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so angry and then I get depressed. The situation at Halls & Karns is making me this way. I know one of these teachers and I know how much he cares for his students & their well being. Why should any type of media be allowed to give the names of these teachers before they’ve even been charged? No wonder we can’t keep good teachers. Guilty until proven innocent, and many thousands of dollars in debt. And, after giving out these teachers name, they say in the same breath that they (the media) have no facts on the case. I’ve had my say and I hope both of these situations are cleared up immediately and the students can have their caring, good teachers back.