Is Clerk Susano a Man of his Word?

Remember back in July, Circuit Court Clerk Charles Susano went to Knox County Commission asking for a $1.5 million dollar loan so he could “protect his people” and his reason for not furloughing them like other offices did was to “protect his people”.

Susano before Knox County Commission Work Session  - July 20, 2020

Susano before Knox County Commission Work Session – July 20, 2020

Well, I have an unconfirmed report that Susano has laid off / fired one of two garnishment clerks. A job that I am told is so extensive and intensive that the tasks will not be successful with only one clerk.

Additionally, he has moved an employee that answered the phone and was a file clerk to a minute clerk at Knox County Juvenile Court and I am told she is a relative of former Knox County Law Director Bud Armstrong.

Knox County Commission asked Susano if he would come and provide updates on his financial situation. Well Commission meets Monday, let’s see if that happens.

Knox County Commission making risky loans

Knox County Commission

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  1. Angela says:

    Susano also let the mail clerk go in July. He has a person on the payroll that makes $42,000 plus and doesn’t even have a specific job other than “runner”. He should have furloughed people in March if he cared that much about his “people”
    One and Done

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