Oatney World Must Hear Webcast

My friend, David Oatney of Oatney World has been producing webbased radio talk shows. Must hear is the exclusive interview Oatney hosted with New Republican House Leader Jason Mumpower.

Oatney needs to be on talk radio again soon. He has previous experience in radio broadcasting. I am with my buddy Rob at VoluntarilyConservative (the only claim to fame Rob has is that he is the husband to Angela, my State Republican Executive Committewoman. All decent men are only decent because of our wives. Yes, Rob I am in the same boat as you, Brother.) about trading in the Sirrus radio for Oatney on local radio waves. I would even switch from the Steve Gill show for a live call-in, give and take with Oatney as host.

Check out the post and interview, here.

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