Welcome Seema Singh Campaign to #TheMegaBullhornofTruth

Today, I welcome Knoxville City Councilwoman Seema Singh’s campaign to the website. Election Day is November 3, 2021 with Early Voting October 13-28. .

Singh served four years and she finished first in the August 31 district primary. In the  General Election all Knoxville voters can vote for Singh for the Third District.

Singh’s campaign is focused on the work of constituent service not the partisan divide that has divided our Nation and State and how some want to divide the city. On September 3, Singh emphasized this in comments at the Motley Crew Community Lunch, watch her brief remarks here.

YES, Council service is about the big items like a baseball stadium, but it is also about garbage pickup, leaf collection, calming traffic in neighborhoods.

Knoxville City Councilwoman District Three Seema Singh

Knoxville City Councilwoman District Three Seema Singh and I at the August 6th Motley Crew Community Lunch

Singh is ready to serve another four years and with your vote, SHE WILL.



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2 Responses

  1. Lisa Messer says:

    Seema Singh wants to defund the Knoxville Police Department by 10%. How can you support this? Knoxville made national news for the number of murders per capita. In 2020 there were a total of 37 homicides. The number of homicides have increased over that last 4 years. Gwen McKenzie is part of that failed leadership. We have 62 police officer vacancies. I can’t understand how you can support these people.

    • BHornback says:

      ads are advertisements, all candidates have the opportunity to have ads as well. Apparently the opponents of Seema, Gwen and others do not have the financial support to advertise.