Knoxville City Council Forum – Where All TEN Candidates Showed UP

Tonight the Arts and Cultural Alliance along with a few other organizations held a Knoxville City Council candidate Forum and lo and behold all TEN candidates attended. I have videos of the entire nearly two hour event. I will post them periodically up to October 13 when Early Voting Begins.

all ten City Council candidates for a forum 10/6/2021

all ten City Council candidates for a forum 10/6/2021

The forum was relatively civil, this exchange between District Four candidates Jim Klonaris and Councilwoman Lauren Rider was the closest we got to fireworks.

The incumbents are working together, Tommy Smith in District 1, Andrew Roberto in District 2, Seema Singh in District 3, Rider in District 4 and Gwen McKenzie in District 6. As I recall, Smith, Roberto and Mckenzie all made pitches to vote for the incumbents.

The challengers Elizabeth Murphy in District 1, Kim Smith in District 2, Nick Ciparro in District 3, Klonaris and Garrett Holt in District 6 are all supported by Daniel Herrera, Knox County Republican Party Chair with the backing of the party, in an effort to partisanship the races, which are non partisan.



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