Knox County Schools Superintendent Search Committee

I had planned to travel to Cookeville, TN for the lunch meeting between the three Knox County School Board Members (Evetty Satterfield, Patti Bounds and Betsy Henderson) that make up the School Superintendent Search committee and the Executive Director of TN School Boards Association (Tammy Grissom).  When I realized I would not be able to make it, I sent an email suggestion to the four individuals.

Good Morning ladies I was planning to cover your meeting in Cookeville tomorrow, however, I can not. 

I have seen the coverage and heard the chatter about this meeting. Of course, I have experience both as a KCS Board Member and a TSBA East District Board Member, back a very long time ago, two decades. 
As a 17 year blogger, allow me to make a suggestion, do as you wish. 
I would suggest you do it via ZOOM, no one (public or press) will be allowed to interrupt, no negative body language, BUT they can watch and it’s preserved to avoid any “allegations” of wrong doing. Saves on time to travel etc. 
It’s my suggestion, not meaning to throw a wrench into the whole issue for tomorrow. 
Have a GREAT Monday.

Patti Bounds responded that she received the email and appreciated the thought.

Director Grissom responded that the members contacted her and she accommodated the request. Clearly I know it is not her job to tell the board what to do.

Vice Chair Satterfield replied back that they were going to proceed with an in person meeting. They are working to record future meetings and post on a Superintendent Search website. Satterfield assured she would take good notes.

Betsy Henderson said that she had made a suggestion for a zoom link for recordings.

Knox County School Superintendent Search Committee

Knox County School Superintendent Search Committee

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